“Enough is enough”

After days of calmly asking Canadians to pay more attention to the Covid-19 virus, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was reaching the end of his patience. “Enough is enough”, he said in one of his daily media briefings, calling out people risking the lives of fellow Canadians by not practicing physical distancing. In an almost parental way, the Prime Minister went on to tell Canadians that they should “go home and stay home”.

He wasn’t alone.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford echoed Trudeau’s tougher language by ordering Ontario snowbirds travelling home from abroad to “Go directly home and stay in your house.

The days of “sunny ways” were long past when Justin Trudeau said, “enough is enough”. This determination reminds us of the Prime Minister’s father who told Canadians in 1970 “Just watch me” when he was asked what might come next in the October Crisis.

Image Source: Maclean’s, March 23, 2020

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