“Ford More Years”

A phrase encapsulating the aspirations of Ford Nation supporters who want Doug Ford to win another provincial election in Ontario.

The expression itself dates back to brother Rob’s tumultuous years at Toronto City Hall. But if you’re keen on the Ford family, why waste a good slogan?

Doug Ford’s massive electoral win in the 2018 provincial election – making him Premier – was the latest in a string of political wins for his family. Doug Ford Sr. had been a colourful MPP in the late 1990s, and youngest brother Rob was the ill-fated (and memorably dressed) Mayor of Toronto from 2010 to 2014. The penchant for political office has been passed onto the next generation, with Michael Ford replacing his uncle Rob on Toronto City Council after his death in 2016.  

Ford’s tenure as Premier has been eventful. Views on Ford span a wide and emotional spectrum. Some people can’t stand him, while others will go to the barricades for their man as he positions himself as a worker-friendly leader.

Either way, Ford moves into the 2022 provincial election with a legacy that he will defend vigourously.

Will Ford Nation get what they want? Or will “Ford more years” be recycled at some future date for yet another member of this political family? We’ll all know by June 2, the date by which the next provincial election has to be held.

Image Credit: Creative Commons, Doug Ford

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