Funny Hats

Politicians should never be photographed wearing headgear. These Canadian politicians clearly never got the memo.

Prime Minister Jean Chrétien – looking like he had a bucket over his head – wore this combat helmet on backwards when visiting the Canadian UN camp in Bosnia in 1994. It did not signify a reversal in defence policy. But his clenched fists got us thinking about the Shawinigan Handshake.

NDP Premier of Alberta at the time, Rachel Notley didn’t just reverse many policies of the Conservatives. She also wore her cowboy hat backwards, as seen in this awkward photo-op at the Calgary Stampede in 2015. Not that Harper knew much about cowboy fashion

The Calgary Stampede is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to politicians in silly hats. Premier Jason Kenney appeared at ease in his cowboy best at the 2021 Stampede Parade. Alberta may have done away with pandemic health restrictions in time for summer, but the province could never do away with the pomp of the best party on the Prairies.  

Bad hair-net day? This infamous photo was taken while Gilles Duceppe, leader of Bloc Québécois, toured a cheese factory in Quebec during the 1997 federal election campaign. Political cartoonists had a field day with it. And members of Duceppe’s campaign team got creamed. He fired his campaign manager, press liaison and media bus co-ordinator shortly after.

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