Justin Trudeau’s Beard

Facial follicles worn by Justin Trudeau before and after becoming Prime Minister of Canada.

The clean-cut Trudeau sailed through his first term sans barbe. That all changed after the Christmas break of 2019-2020 when he returned to work with a stylish beard. The hairy-chin signal was clear: he was refreshed – but also older, wiser and more serious – in taking on the challenges of a minority government.

A few short months later his beard took on new dimensions during COVID-19 pandemic, growing before our eyes as he took to the podium during his daily media scrums. The increasing fullness of Trudeau’s salt and pepper beard – not to mention his hair – in some ways matched the expansiveness of his government’s approach to handling and paying for the COVID crisis. 

The once-labeled “Mr. Dressup” was now much more serious and in charge.

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