Landslide Annie

Nickname ironically given to Liberal MP and Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan, due to the close (sometimes razor-thin) margins of victory in her Edmonton riding. First elected in 1993 as MP for Edmonton Northwest, Landslide Annie earned her moniker by initially prevailing by a single vote (later increased to a 12-vote blowout after a recount.) Minister of Natural Resources, Justice, Health and Public Safety in the Chrétien and Martin governments, for 13 years McLellan was a prominent cabinet member and one of the government’s only MPs from Alberta.

Though McLellan’s subsequent victories could actually be called landslides in comparison to 1993, they were always among the closest in Canada, reflecting Alberta’s status as less than fertile ground for Liberals. She took Edmonton West by 1,410 votes in 1997 and 733 votes in 2000. In 2004, she initially appeared to have lost before winning Edmonton Centre by 721 votes. Landslide Annie’s luck ran out in 2006, when both she and the government were defeated. Now Chancellor of Dalhousie University, she remains active in public life. Following in McLellan’s footsteps, Edmonton’s next Liberal cabinet minister, Amarjeet Sohi, won by a mere 79 votes in 2015. Could Landslide Amarjeet be next?

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