Lob Question

A lob question, sometimes called a softball question, is a baseball-derived term for suspiciously easy questions tossed to politicians with the intention of allowing them to hit them out of the proverbial ballpark.

Most likely, a “lob” or “softball” question will come from a government MP or MLA in Question Period, or a question from the party faithful at a Potemkin-like “accountability” session with a Party Leader at a convention.

Media, however, are known to toss the odd softball too, particularly beyond the more hardened and cynical press galleries in Ottawa and provincial capitals. This helps explain the propensity of embattled prime ministers and premiers to favour Q & A sessions with “regional” or “lifestyle” journalists who may be seen as less likely to take a ”hardball” approach to the “visiting team.”

Image source: Wikimedia

Suggested by Parli Contributor Jonathan M.

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