Memorable Outfits

Resplendent in red, David Peterson almost always wore a tie of that colour – a look he appropriated from Ontario Liberal leader Mitchell Hepburn. Dressed like a haberdasher’s dream, Peterson adopted the crimson cloth leading up to the 1985 provincial election. Years later he may have lent ties to Mayor Ford and President Trump. 

In 2014, the colourful Rob Ford, Mayor of Toronto, travelled to Los Angeles for his big night on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” dressed in what would quickly become a heavily ridiculed black suit and shirt with a red tie. “Why are you dressed like a magician?”, was Jimmy Kimmel’s first question, and very likely everyone else’s first thought. He is rumoured to have given the tie to Donald Trump. 

Time to Repair Our 'Damaged' Democracy: Stephane Dion | The Tyee

Stéphane Dion carried a lot of political baggage during his time in office, but none more fashionable than what he brought into Parliament. After being elected in 1996, the outspoken political science professor from Université de Montréal first arrived in Ottawa with his backpack, almost as if he was showing up to lecture members of the House. The backpack became his trademark. Dion was mocked frequently for his accessory of choice, even after becoming Leader of the Opposition in 2006. Years later, Céline Dion – a distant relation – carried on the fashionable tradition with her own signature backpack.

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