Middle Class

Catch-all political phrase (a.k.a. an empty phrase) used by officeholders and office seekers to pander to all electors simultaneously.

Middle Class is an amorphous demographic buzzword lobbed from the left, right and centre. Some of the greatest hits include Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath’s “everyday Ontarians” and “everyday families”, and the Harper Conservatives’ emphasis on “hard-working Canadian families” and “ordinary Canadians”.

Not to be outdone, nearly all the elements of the Liberals’ 2015 election campaign somehow involved the Middle Class. To not-so-subtly demonstrate his government’s commitment to the cause, by 2019 Trudeau had tapped MP for Ottawa-Vanier Mona Fortier to serve as Canada’s first Minister of Middle Class Prosperity.

Many Canadians have thought of themselves as Middle Class, which explains the relentless focus on this demographic. However, recent polling shows fewer Canadians identifying as Middle Class and more saying they’re part of the “working class”. Should we expect more focus on this demographic? With a Liberal minority government bolstered by the NDP, we just might.

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