Publisher’s Note

Parli is a live experiment in language. As such, it will ebb and flow between the serious and absurd, the outrageous and the comical, and the historical and the contemporary.

By nature, it will always be Canadian (though, one member of the editorial team is married to an American). Being Canadian means that while we strive for wit we often fall on the sword of not-offending. We fight this tendency. But like hockey, we can’t decide if this fight belongs in the game, or not.

In advance, to the many politicians named in this dictionary, we love you. Each and every one of you. No matter your political stripe. Whether your efforts reflect the values of Canadians, or lead them – that is for others to debate. At Parli, we simply hope to expose the language of Canadian politics for what it is. Uniquely Canadian.

WARNING TO READER: This dictionary is “as Canadian as possible, under the circumstances” and “a worthwhile Canadian initiative”. It is a “dictionary, but necessarily a dictionary”. Barry Campbell – a big know it all – has often been challenged to give birth to a Canadian political dictionary. He replied “just watch me!” If none of this makes sense to you, the reader, “fuddle duddle” and read-on.


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