The Rainmaker

Title bestowed on the legendary Liberal campaign strategist and Senator Keith Davey.1

It is also, interestingly, an example of a term whose meaning has changed 180 degrees through the last 50 years.

Originally, Davey was dubbed “Rainmaker” derisively, for promising the sunshine of Liberal majorities in the elections of 1963 and 1965, and delivering only “rain”, in the form of minority governments.

However, the title struck, and Davey, was held in affectionate regard by generations of Liberals (and did, indeed, help deliver majorities for Pierre Trudeau in 1974 and 1980).

It is likely that the “Rainmaker” title was originally borrowed from the eponymous 1950s Broadway play and movie.

Image Source: The Reeves Report


  1. Davey, The Hon. Keith Douglas, O.C., B.A.. Parliament of Canada.

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