“Speaking moistly”

One of the oddest phrases to come out of the COVID-19 crisis. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, during one of his daily media briefings, was answering a question about Dr. Theresa Tam’s recommendation for the general public to wear facemasks. Offering his own interpretation of that advice, Trudeau said masks protect people from breathing on each other. He went on to say – then immediately regret – that masks prevent people from “speaking moistly” on others. “Ug, what a terrible image”, a cringing prime minister interjected into his own comments.

The inevitable online parodies were as immediate as they were creative. Tweets, videos and memes about “speaking moistly” flourished as a country reacted to a leader who – while trying to convey serious instructions – was also taking a moment to laugh at himself.

Considering the situation, “speaking moistly” lightened the national mood.

Image SourceYoutube

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