“This sucks”

Exasperated candour from a political leader heading into the fifth wave of a pandemic.

Like politicians around the world, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spent almost two years talking about the COVID pandemic – and his government’s reaction to it – in various ways. Sometimes eloquently. And sometimes “moistly”.

Then, in the face of a tsunami of omicron cases in mid-December 2021, Trudeau said what almost everyone else was thinking, “This sucks”.

The two-word expression, a Trudeau trait when you consider his dad’s “fuddle duddle”, summed up a generalized fatigue with a surging virus.

The next day, Matt Galloway of CBC Radio picked up on Trudeau’s bluntness by leading off a special program dedicated to COVID over the holidays with those same two words.

The verdict? No one knows when the pandemic will end. But it sucks while it lasts.

Image Credit: PMO, Adam Scotti

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