Throne Speech

Whether trigged by an election or prorogation, new sessions of Parliament start with a Throne Speech. The speech is drafted by the government but delivered by the Queen’s representative in Canada (hence the word “throne”), the Governor General.

A Throne Speech lays out the government’s key priorities for the new session. In all reality, though, they are little more than trussed-up legislative laundry lists, trotted out for public consideration. And as befalls every speech written by committee, throne speeches rarely sing in discerning ears. Shakespeare they ain’t.

As they are programmed to do, opposition parties immediately pounce on these pronouncements from “the Throne”, decrying all sorts of perceived shortcomings. Likewise, the media and pundits parse every word in looking for sinister motivation and hidden meaning in the text. It’s a free-for-all for the Hill crowd.

Meanwhile, armed with a new set of key messages and quite possibly a few new Cabinet faces in the front row, the Prime Minister, cabinet and respective staffs bravely set out down a new path for as long as they survive the Confidence Vote that usually follows.

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